DOGercise service area is for Saratoga County.

Locations: Saratoga Springs, Wilton, Malta, Ballston Spa

*Please note: Other locations such as Clifton Park, Glens Falls are up for discussion per schedule.  

Please email me

and will try our best to work with you and see what you

are looking for!

Our Service Area

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  • 15 minute house visit- $15.00
  • 30 minute house visit- $20.00
  • 60 minute house visit- $33.00

There is no extra for holiday, weekend, or late night or morning walks.

Not all dogs need the same fitness. Whether it's a fast walk/run or leisure walk, we will find the best exercise fit for your dog along with some belly rubs along the way.  We also offer pet visits for all animals- check it out below !


  • Please Call for pricing/details on this!!

Rates / Pricing:

Dog Walking and Dog Running-same price!

  • ​30 mins- $20.00
  • ​45 mins- $25.00
  • 60 mins- $33.00

a healthy dog is a happy dog

  • Private Dog Running

    • Offer GPS Tracking to see how far your canine goes!
  • Pet Visits- Cats and Dogs!! (because cats need lots of love too!!)

    • ​​Visits include feeding, playtime and of course lots of TLC!

  • Private Dog Walking:

    • Fast Pace Walking

    • Leisure Walking

  • Farm Animals: (thats right! You read this right! We also do chickens and goat visits/feeding/cleaning!- We have Farm experience!
    • ​Please call for more information/pricing