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​​​Hi! I am Stephanie Marotta and I officially founded DOGercise in July 2016! I am very excited to start this new adventure in my life!  I have always grown up with animals my whole life and I have a great passion and drive to make a difference when it comes to animals.  I have been doing a lot of volunteer work for both cats and dogs in the Saratoga area.  Whenever I have time to make a difference, I will do it!  When it comes to exercise, I am always running and staying active.  I just completed by second marathon in Long Beach California and I am also a certified cycling instructor at Ballston Spa Cycle! 

The idea DOGercise came to me when I was pet sitting for 2 energetic and loveable puppies.  I found out on the days I was there to take them for a longer run/walks, they were able to expend there energy and were more tuckered out at night.  That is when it hit me.... dogs need exercise just like us!  Life is so busy and it is hard to get your canine out and about for a daily walk/run.  DOGercise is here to help give the proper exercise they need...and with some belly rubs along the way:)

DOGercise is focused on the importance of daily exercise in your canine's life!  For those of you with busy schedules, it can understandably be challenging, or seemingly impossible, to fit in a long walk or run for your pet.  What happens is that while you are busy working away, your furry loved one can find himself/herself at home leading a sedentary lifestyle, just waiting for you to come home!  For younger pups, they will likely be bouncing off the walls w/ excitement and pent up energy all evening when you come home and want to relax!  As your dog ages and approaches the later years in life, exercise will help them to maintain their health & wellness just as it does for people! When you are just too busy to exercise your pup, let DOGercise be there to answer the bell for you, it's what we do!

Our SECOND area of focus is also to assure that your pet is in good hands when you are away for business or pleasure.  Having to leave your pet for an extended period of time is stressful enough for both you and your animal.  Having to take your animal away from the comfort and familiarity of his/her home can add even more stress.  There are plenty of boarding facilities that do a fine job, but nowhere will ever be as comforting as home for your pet!  This is what sets DOGercise apart, we will come to you! I provide love and affection for your pets in their own home and keep a very tidy house! I love my animals and I know how tough it is to leave them.  I know that unsettling feeling of trying to find people that you can trust to look after them and care for them as you would yourself! My personal goal is to build strong relationships with my clients so that they can enjoy their time away from home and feel 100% comfortable that their little furry loved ones are in great hands! 

DOGercise is 100% bonded and insured.  A healthy dog is a happy dog : )