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First Aid and CPR Certified for Pets

Our Services:

DOGercise is focused on the importance of exercise in your dog's life!  Whether it's a half hour walk or run, daily exercise is important for all dogs. A lot of dogs require much, much more exercise than a 15 min walk.  Just like us, your lovable doggie needs physical activity to be his/her happiest and healthiest self. 

It's important to make sure your dog is getting in his/her cardio and if you simply don't have enough time because life gets so busy, that is why DOGercise is here !!  DOGercise prides itself on being reliable, punctual, and responsible.

Not only does DOGercise offer dog running/walking- we also offer pet visits for cats, dogs, birds and farm animals (goats and chickens!)

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Not all dogs need the same fitness. Whether it's a fast walk/run or leisure walk, we will find the best exercise fit for your dog along with some belly rubs along the way! 

  • Dog Running

    • Offer GPS Tracking to see how far your canine goes!

  • Pet Visits (For Cats, Dogs, Farm Animals too!) 

    • ​​Visits include feeding, playtime and of course lots of TLC!

  • Dog Walking​

    • Fast Pace Walking

    • Leisure Walking


a healthy dog is a happy dog